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industrial water treatment

Industrial Water Treatment System

Systems for treating industrial water provide a range of filtration and separation requirements. They might be simple, single-unit processes that serve a number of applications or complicated, multiunit ones that can be rather complex. What is an industrial water treatment system, and how does it operate? may be your question...

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Water softeners

Reasons Why You Need A Water Softener

Hard water affects your hair, skin, appliances, and is suitable for eating without any additional treatment. Hard water is defined as having a high mineral concentration, such as calcium and magnesium (120–180 parts per million, or PPM). The high concentration of these minerals causes a number of issues, including irritated...

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FAQs 1

FAQs on Legionella Testing and Risk Management

Do you offer legionella testing and laboratory analysis services? Absolutely, Halpin & Hayward laboratory services provide specialized test and evaluation of waters for the presence of legionella testing as well as other waterborne pathogens in order to assist the management of environmental risks that we employ to help our commercial,...

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