FAQs on Legionella Testing and Risk Management

Do you offer legionella testing and laboratory analysis services? Absolutely, Halpin & Hayward laboratory services provide specialized test and evaluation of waters for the presence of legionella testing as well as other waterborne pathogens in order to assist the management of environmental risks that we employ to help our commercial,...

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What are the types of industrial wastewater treatment?

The wastewater treatment processes required for industrial wastewater are diverse because of the variety in their contaminants. However, basic wastewater treatment steps for both municipal and industrial wastewater are almost always the same. Step 1: Screening, first to remove large objects and second to remove grit. Step 2: Primary clarification...

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What are the main purposes of industrial water treatment?

Many thousands of gallons of water are thrown away each day, either by heavy industry, or domestic sewage. Unknowingly or knowingly, people don’t pay enough attention to wastewater treatment. It can have a direct or indirect effect on the health of people, animals, and plants in the surrounding area. The...

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