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Water Treatment Equipment Repair

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Water Treatment Equipment Repair

Halpin & Hayward have a dedicated service and maintenance team.

We offer support and assistance to all water treatment equipment repairs and plant. Equipment can fail, suffer damage or come to the end of its useful life. Call us for water treatment equipment supply, installations, routine service, preventative maintenance or emergency call outs. We also carry large stocks of parts and spares to minimise downtime.

Our line of work is the maintenance of old water treatment equipment, and the bulk of our clients have been with us for more than 60 years. Our engineers have received training in a wide range of equipment, including valves for water treatment. Depending on how essential water is to manufacturing, we provide several tiers of Service Contracts to our customers. We can offer service agreements with timetables or perform visits upon request.


       We will disassemble the valve completely, clean, and lubricate all moving components, including, to mention a few, the pistons, seals, and spacers.

       Testing will be done to make sure the water treatment facility is operating effectively, and programming will be changed as needed to make sure it is suitable for its intended use.

       To make sure they completely understand what they are receiving for their money, we will thoroughly explain to the client what work is being done and are more than willing to demonstrate them precisely what we are doing and offer a method statement.

       We will make sure that any repairs are pointed out to the customer on-site and that they receive a follow-up estimate. We will also make every effort to save the client money by doing any necessary repairs concurrently with the service.

       We will send a friendly, qualified engineer that is a pleasure to work with.


We provide internal training for our engineers, ensuring that no shortcuts are used in any of the work we do. We also make sure that our engineers provide our clients with excellent value for their money, a high degree of knowledge, and honesty.

Our repair service will guide you through the troubleshooting process, assist you identify the issue, and then offer the full range of required water treatment equipment repair. With the Nalco PTS support team on hand, we can respond to problems like:


       equipment that leaks as a result of valve, O-ring, and gasket issues.

       Water that doesn’t meet the requirements for the application’s specifications.

       a mechanical or electrical breakdown that affects water treatment equipment offline.

       Unresponsive multiport valves

       incorrect control valves


There is never a good time to have a water treatment system issue, but our service can offer the following advantages:


       quicker reaction time when your system is in good working order

       Rapid reaction to circumstances requiring immediate repairs

       You may get technical assistance for any water treatment device to help you resolve or focus on your issue.

Repair Parts


For many different types of equipment, Halpin & Hayward stocks a large range of repair kits and parts, such as multiport valve and diaphragm valve repair kits, brine system components, manway/handhole gaskets, UV lamps, filter cartridges, filter media, activated carbon, and ion exchange resins. We have a dedicated service and maintenance team.

Our helpful Water Treatment Solution team can assist on the phone or arrange to visit site.