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Water Treatment


Flushing & Passivation:

Precleaning systems helps to ensure the metals are correctly passivated prior to treatment and use. This will certainly prolong the trouble free life of the pipework. We recommend that all systems are properly cleaned and flushed prior to refill and treatment.  BSRIA offer guidance on best practice methods. Our specialized precleaning chemical has built in corrosion inhibitors allowing it to be as aggressive as necessary without causing damage to the system. It is uniquely designed to pretreat both new and older systems. It passivates and prepares all metal surfaces in the system for long-term corrosion protection. It initially removes oil and grease from all metal surfaces to permit uniform layering of the passivating film. It aids in the prevention of flash corrosion when the system is most vulnerable to corrosive attack.

Water Treatment:

The majority of closed heating systems are constructed of mild steel, some copper and occasionally stainless steel or aluminium. Newer cascade, wall hung type boilers often contain aluminium heat exchangers which has caused a greater emphasis on pH control. Halpin & Hayward chemicals treat all types of water characteristics. All our programs are compatible with anti freeze solutions.

Depending on the requirement our products can protect against

  • Corrosion,
  • Scale deposition,
  • Fouling,
  • Bio Contamination.


Chilled water systems often need frost protection during cold periods to prevent damage. Often both chemical (Glycol) and mechanical (Heat Tracing) measures are used.  We offer the complete service of supply, pump into the system, circulation, testing and certification.

Should you require further information on LPHW and CHW or a quotation please contact our offices.