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Ozone Water Treatment

Ozone (O3 ) is found commonly in nature. Ozone is formed whenever lightning occurs, or when an electrical discharge creates a spark. The ozone layer in the upper atmosphere provides a protective screen against dangerous solar radiation. The generation of ozone is a relatively simple process. Air, dry air or oxygen is drawn into the ozone generators, at which point the air is charged with high voltage. The air is made up of diatomic oxygen (O2 ) and nitrogen (N2 ) . Diatomic oxygen is a molecule composed of two oxygen atoms (O) held together by four equally shared electrons. As the air is drawn through the ozone generator, the high voltage splits some oxygen molecules into oxygen atoms. Some of these atoms then quickly react with oxygen molecules to form ozone: (O1)+(O2)=(O3) .

Ozone is second only to fluorine as the most powerful oxidant. Ozone inactivates and oxidizes organic metals and most organisms faster than chlorine. Ozone also functions as a micro flocculating agent to “polish” the water and improve clarity (clarifying iron, sulfur and manganese).

Ozone is commonly used in applications such as potable water, swimming pools, hospitals, cooling towers and more. Ozone water treatment solution is safe and extremely effective as a disinfectant. The ozone gas will gradually revert to oxygen meaning there is no harmful residual effect.

Halpin & Hayward carry a large range of Ozone Generators. We supply standard models but our generators can also be manufactured to your specification to accommodate your application needs.

Halpin & Hayward supply, install, commission and offer service contracts on all our equipment. We also supply and fit all necessary Parts & spares, and other consumables. Our Dublin warehouse holds stock of our most commonly used products and what we do not have in stock can be quickly sourced. Download Ozonfilt brochure.

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