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Iron & Manganese are naturally occurring in many water supplies throughout the country. Some areas experience greater concentrations than others. The presence of either above certain levels can cause undesirable effects such as odour, discolouration, bad taste, brown staining on appliances and general fouling. In some cases where the ratio between iron and manganese in the water reaches certain levels both contaminants can be forced to precipitate and greater fouling and deposition may be experienced. Normally, one or the other will cause problems if experienced in high concentrations. This is why specific Iron / Manganese removal filters were introduced to the market.

Iron & Manganese filters operate by using a specialised media and oxygen to force the precipitation of the contaminant to form an insoluble particle which is then flushed to drain. The rest of the water has been filtered and clean water is supplied. These units are effective, inexpensive and require little attention.

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