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Aqualyze Range

The Aqualyze drinking water systems are a range of under-the-sink water filtration systems designed to improve the quality and taste of your tap water at a fraction of the price of other options. The Aqualyze range delivers bottle tasting water straight from the tap thus eliminating the need for slow-filtering bulky jugs or heavy, expensive, space consuming bottles.

There are four main categories of filter described below ranging from functional to the more complex reverse osmosis model complete with a water storage tank and 3-stage filtration.


Aqualyze: Stream

Simple, space saving home plumbing. This model will remove taste, odour, and chemicals. A scale removing option is also available with this range. The boxed unit comes complete with installation kit and tap. It can easily be installed by the homeowner.


Aqualyze: Rapid

Our best selling model. It covers most filtration requirements. It is ergonomically designed to allow ‘rapid’ cartridge change. The spring loaded valve-in-head means that when the cartridge is being changed the water is automatically stopped. There are different types of cartridges within this range to suit all waters and hardness levels. This boxed unit comes with a complete home installation kit and tap. It can easily be installed by the homeowner*This product will remove cryptosporidium, cysts and lead.


Aqualyze: Waterway

A complete out of sight water system providing a constant flow of filtered water from your existing tap. This model filters to 1 micron removing taste, colour, odour, chemicals and has a scale reduction option also available. This boxed unit comes complete with installation kit and should be installed by a plumber or competent DIY person.


Aqualyze: Cascade

A reverse osmosis system delivering true, purified water delivered through 3 stages of filtration. This boxed unit comes complete with installation kit, tubing and taps. It should be installed by a plumber.For more information please follow the link to our product brochures on each of the 4 models in the Aqualyze range. Also included are a number of tap options to suit most kitchen sink types.


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