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Carbon Media Filtration

Carbon media filtration has many applications for domestic to large industrial. Water supply and quality vary greatly across Ireland. In some areas the water is naturally clean and drinkable but other parts of the country experience foul, discoloured and smelly water. It uses a specialised filter media which removes chlorine and organics from the water supply. It can be used alone or after a treatment system as a polisher. It will remove chlorine, taste, colour, odour and organics from the water. The effectiveness of carbon filtration is heavily dependant on the precise nature of the contaminant and water supply quality.

The majority of water treatment, carbon media is the charcoal type product derived from baked, crushed coconut shell. The charcoal is pressure treated using steam which gives the media a porous surface. Water : media contact time is important when considering contaminants and effective removal. Filter sizing is crucial.

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