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Industrial Water Treatment Equipment

For industrial applications, Halpin & Hayward engineers creative, sustainable water purifying solutions. For businesses that perform the most important work in the world, such as utilities and colleges as well as mining operations and chemical plants, our specialised systems and proprietary technologies generate high-purity process and drinking water. Every project benefits from our combined expertise of over 60 years in the industrial sector. Customers recognise us as a tried-and-true supplier of filtered water. Our designers, crafters, and service providers merge seamless cooperation with in-depth knowledge. Every time you work with Halpin & Hayward, you can count on a quality, cost-effective solution.


Halpin & Hayward offer a full range of industrial water treatment plant and equipment. Personalized planning and administration for each application is part of the unparalleled performance that our solutions are designed to give. In place of escalating exterior and internal performance requirements, our carefully developed units accommodate cost-effective and long-lasting features and the operation of water treatment systems.

We are distributors for a number of leading edge industrial water treatment plant such as Reverse Osmosis, Ultra-Violet, Chlorine Dioxide, Copper Silver Ionisation and Ozone Generation in addition to water softeners of all sizes and flow rates, automated backwash filtration, Cartridge Filtration, Automated pump and control systems.


Every industry has certain requirements. We manufacture bespoke water treatment equipment to suit individual client needs. We need specialised systems that consider everything from flow rate to climate. We do it because we are skilled, creative experts in water filtration. We create the finest. We construct things to last. We supply, install and commission:

       Automated control systems for all manner of water treatment applications.

       Disinfection systems:  Chlorine, UV, Ozone, Chlorine Dioxide and Copper Silver Ionisation.

       LPHW, Chiller, Cooling tower and steam boiler auto controllers.

       Chemical injection, control and monitoring systems.

       Bespoke water treatment and solutions.

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