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Legionella Testing

Water cooling systems, air conditioning systems, hot water systems, fountains, swimming pools, and spas are routinely monitored through sample collection and lab analysis.

The bacterium in water that causes the fatal Legionnaire’s Disease is called Legionella. The bacterium, which thrives in warm water, can be found in industries that use water in the production process or at the workplace.


Among the companies at risk are:


       pools for recreation and swimming, spas, and saunas

       dentists’ offices

       industrial businesses (cooling towers and air-conditioning)

       A hospital or a nursing home

       Hotels and restaurants

       Residential complexes

       Commercial buildings



It has been shown that doing routine water quality checks can help reduce the risk of Legionella contamination.


Halpin and Hayward Services for Legionella Testing


Businesses can choose from a variety of services provided by our field experts and approved laboratories to prevent legionella infection. These consist of:

       sample gathering and laboratory evaluation

       hygiene reviews

       internal climate regulation

       Planned risk management

In order to reduce the risk of Legionnaire’s Disease, we can also assist you create workplace design and equipment maintenance recommendations.

Current legislation and guidelines dictate that certain systems require periodic legionella testing, analysis and interperetation. The guidance also states that we can not perform testing and incubation in our own laboratory but we must send samples to an independent laboratory.

All our our water samples for legionella testing are sent to an accredited laboratory for analysis.


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Why should you pick Halpin and Hayward?

Halpin and Hayward can significantly lower the likelihood of Legionella infection in your company because to its extensive worldwide network of approved laboratories and environmental specialists in the majority of regions. Utilizing Halpin and Hayward’s services will be a beneficial complement to your health and safety policies and assist you in satisfying your regulatory and risk management obligations.



Please contact us for further information or a quotation for sampling and analysis.