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Our Services

Halpin & Hayward offer a full range of water treatment services and equipment.

Our services – water treatment and water softening consultancy services range from small domestic advice to large scale industrial, municipal and regional consultancy. Our service and maintenance team work dedicatedly to install, commission and provide invaluable after sales support to our clients at all stages of development through to the latter years of operation.

We are distributors for a number of leading edge water treatment plant such as Reverse Osmosis, Ultra-Violet, Chlorine Dioxide, Copper Silver Ionisation and Ozone Generation in addition to water softeners of all sizes and flow rates, automated backwash filtration, Cartridge Filtration, Automated pump and control systems.

We also provide support and assistance to all water treatment and water softening consultancy. We undertake routine preventative maintenance and emergency service on all our plant and equipment. Our specialized team provides annual scheduled maintenance of equipment service.

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