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Dosing Equipment

Halpin & Hayward offer a full range of water treatment dosing equipment. Our range includes:

  • Closed, Boiler and Cooling Tower Controllers.
  • Conductivity, timed or programmed controllers.
  • Chemical dosing pumps of all types, sizes and volumes.
  • Stainless steel, non return, valved chemical injection quills.
  • Chemical dosing pots and chambers.
  • Chemical tanks and bunds of all volumes, shapes and colours.
  • Hot and cold process corrosion racks. Metallurgy analysis available.
  • Electronic Corrosion Monitors with BMS and corrosion racks.
  • Hot process sample coolers.
  • Chemical resistant dosing tubing.
  • Corrosion monitors (electronic) and corrosion test racks.

For further information on any of our equipment please contact us.