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Ultra Violet Disinfection

Disinfecting with UV radiation is used as an alternative to chemical disinfectants. Because they act directly on the DNA of microorganisms,  Ultra Violet disinfection systems provide good protection against most bacterium, parasites, cryptosporidium or legionella. As a rule no byproducts are produced in UV systems and the taste and odor of the water remain unaffected.

Ultra violet disinfection is a fairly simple process. The UV light used as the disinfectant is generated by UV lamps. The lamps are longitudinal or tube shaped. Each lamp or bulb is sealed watertight by a quartz sleeve. The liquid to be disinfected is then passed through the quartz sleeve thus exposing the liquid to UV light. This concentrated UV light disrupts the DNA of microorganisms which in turn disrupts their cell division thus preventing further growth, reproduction or proliferation. Our UV systems offer a non-chemical alternative to bacteria control. UV treatment does not add anything to the water. Taste, odour and colour are unaffected. UV treatment does not use or contribute any chemicals to the water.

UV has many applications in domestic, commercial and industrial areas. UV is often applied where chemicals or other disinfectants should be avoided such as fish farms. Municipal supplies and group water schemes choose UV as a safe option against other treatments. UV is less labour intensive to operate. Remote alarms are often used to inform operators that the system may be malfunctioning. Beyond some regular checks and routine maintenance UV is a relatively easy and inexpensive disinfectant.

Halpin & Hayward carry a large range of UV filters from small domestic units to large industrial units. Our industrial units can be manufactured to your specification to accommodate pipework / flange sizes and flowrates or velocities.

For smaller applications see our filtration catalogue and for larger applications see the UV product brochures attached.

Halpin & Hayward supply, install, commission and offer service contracts on all our equipment. We can supply and fit Quartz sleeves, replacement bulbs, Parts & spares, and other consumables. Our Dublin warehouse holds stock of our most commonly used products and what we do not have in stock can be quickly sourced.

Download UV LBX Series Brochure  Domestic Commercial UV

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